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For a dog that wants to be seen and stay visible. A neon-coloured high-visibility harness with two LED buckles, multiple reflective stitches and a reflective logo to brighten up darkening evenings. A functional and durable Y-harness with adjustable neckline and chest to ensure that the harness fits well. A soft neoprene-padded belly part to improve the wear comfort of the harness. The harness is designed to distribute pressure equally across the chest. Thanks to the two quick buckles, the harness is quick and easy to put on. The leash can be attached either to the back of the dog or below its chest. Please note: Theneon colours might fade eventually and, if exposed repeatedly to moisture, the colours might bleed, too. The LED light buckle is not resistant to water or machine washing.


Ergonomic and well-fitting high-visibility harness. Can handle temperatures ranging from ?20°C to +40°C. Visibility up to 300 m. Splash-resistant. Battery life: expect 24 hours in constant light mode or 50 hours in flashing light mode. Replaceable batteries \ replaceable battery Two different flashing light modes and one continuous light mode. Two buckles with LED lights. Bright neon colour and reflective details. Easy to put on and take off. Adjustable neckline and chest.



Washing instructions

Remove stains with damp sponge.

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