Safety Life Vest

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Even though your water critter loves to play and swim in water, his tenacity won’t hold up in the long run. The fur slows him down, swimming is tiring and the trek from the middle of the lake to the beach may be too much. Pulling a dog overboard back into the boat may also be difficult with regular harness or collar. Quality and well-fitting Rukka Safety life vests are good for swimming trips, leisure boat rides, water rescue and hunting. 

Two broad padded belts under the stomach and broad three-point fastening straps distribute weight evenly and comfortably and the vest doesn’t get in the way when moving in the water or boat. There’s a strong handle on the back of the vest which can be used to lift the dog into the boat if necessary. The vest, made of strong nylon fabric, is durable and the floating material directs the dog into the right swimming position. Thanks to bright colours and effective reflectors, the dog will be visible in water as well as the boat. The life vest is machine washable.



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80% Polyester, 20% Nylon