Rukka Rubber Socks


Waterproof rubber socks.

Product information

NON SLIP Rukka Dog Socks are designed for outdoor and indoor use. These socks have a soft waterproof rubber sole thus they are optimal at protecting dog’s paws from water and dirt when outdooring. Socks are perfect for traction dogs need on slippery indoor surfaces such as hardwood or tile. water and dirt when outdoing. Socks are perfect for traction dogs need on slippery indoor surfaces such as hardwood or tile. 

They are favourable to keep paws wound clean. Useful inside other shoes to create more comfort. Designed to go on easily and to fit securely in seven sizes. Please measure dog’s paws to ensure proper sizing. The package comes with four socks and four extra velcro straps for added stain protection. Do not wear outdoor if temperature is less than 0 degree!


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