Game Vest


A lightweight and comfortable high-visibility vest

Product information

A lightweight and comfortable high-visibility vest for daily walking, sports activities and hunting conditions. Thanks to the great design, the flattering vest fits snuggly. The vest is made of strong elastic material and, in the design process, the dog’s freedom of movement has been a key consideration. There is enough room for the dog’s front legs, and the dog feels comfortable when running in it. The bright colour of the high-visibility vest ensures the dog’s visibility, for instance, when in the woods. There is a robust touch-fastener closure on the front of the vest. The bright neon orange-coloured vest has large reflective details. 

– large reflective surface area
– figure-flattering model                                           
– comfortable and lightweight to wear
– elastic material                             
– adjustable
– makes no rustling sounds when moving


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100% polyester